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According to reports from Dermatologists, there is currently a tremendous rise of acne flare-ups in women 20 through 50 years of age who never never had an acne  problem in the past. We won't go into detail about the causes but suffice to say that P.M.S. and stress are two of the most common factors.

Typically, treatment involves "de-oiling" and "drying" with products ranging from harsh soaps, strong scrubs, mass-market medicated (drying) cosmetics ... to antibiotics.

For over 26 years, Reviva has preached that the usual drug store approach to acne can cause intense drying of the skin and provides only short-term benefits.

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After drying out blemishes, skin may appear satisfactory for a few weeks; but over-drying can cause oil glands to compensate by working harder, resulting in clogged pores and more "breakouts" 3 to 4 weeks later. This often causes the user to resort back to drying products, which are causing the problem. What's more, treating adult acne harshly can create problems like redness or broken capillaries.


Reviva has always promoted a more gentle, "normalizing" approach. We advocate anti-bacterial cleansing with
Camphor Cleansing Milk (# R153). (These products should be used instead of the medicated soaps others urge.) For those with acne prone skin, deep pore cleansing is critical and it's vital to maintain an acid balance; the Camphor Cleansing Milk (#R153) & Camphor Lotion (#R154) are necessary to accomplish this.

Supplementary Cleansing ...
EXFOLIATION ... so important!

The importance of proper exfoliation ("peeling") for blemishes cannot be overstated. Each year Dermatologists stress more strongly the significance of removing sufficient dead, hardened skin cells to aid oil flow to the surface; and thus avoid blockage of pores.
Hence, our most important cleansing supplement in the blemishes program is Reviva's
Light Skin Peel (#R107) is gentle enough for the most sensitive skins. And besides its enzyme action in digesting dead cells, it aids cell metabolism.

Day & Night Treatment...

IN THE MORNING, We recommend protecting your skin as well as helping to balance the oily condition with Reviva's Oily Skin Moisturizing Gel (#R210). However, if skin is seriously congested and blemished, you should use Glycolic Acid Oily Skin Gel (#G209).
To hide - as well as - treat the blemishes, Reviva offers More Than a Cover Up
Cream (#R833). It is a truly remarkable acne fighting product (in a neutral shade) that can help skin look flawless. Those with darker skin tones should apply your regular shade of sheer liquid foundation over the cream.

AT NIGHT,  we recommend alternating Oily Skin Night Cream (#R315) with Beta Hydroxy Acid Cream (#R308)
Pick two nights each week; use Reviva's Clearing Mask (#R422) one night, followed by Problem Skin Mask (#R449) the following night. These two treatments will add immeasurable success to your program.


Zinc is an important supplement in fighting adult acne. Reducing stress is also helpful. To achieve this, look for Vitamin B Complex or Brewer's Yeast.

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