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There is nothing available today on the market, that can compare to MagicClear. It Works and it works fast!

MagicClear Acne System

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4 easy steps eliminates and controls acne...
Safe and proven results, No side effects!
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  • Gentle Foaming Facial Gel Cleanser

  • Acne Treatment Anti-Bacteria Cream

  • Oil Blotting,  Oil Free Moisturizer

  • Marine Mint Salicylic Acid Mask

MagicClear is a new product, you won't find in drugstores. It is sold exclusively on the Internet and mail order.

Magicclear was formulated by an esthetician, she saw almost on a daily basis clients with acne conditions from slight to advanced. She set out to find a better solution for controlling acne, because mostly all she had available to treat acne at that point was the traditionally used topicals of benzyol peroxide, the drying agent. She was not at all pleased with what she had available to treat acne.

Partly her motivation was her teenage son, who was starting to develope acne at age fourteen.

She worked on the formula determinated to find an effective solution, targeting the source of the problem, deep inside the skin.

Controlling bacteria where the bacteria thrives is what MagicClear accomplishes with it's extraodinary anti-bacterial agents. Her solutions were tried out on clients, family and friends.  It was ultimately improved through their feedback. MagicClear was in it's final stage when as Doris said "I knew we had arrived when my son's acne suddenly disappeared after using a new formula that I had just developed one week before".  My son had been using it daily and, one week later his skin was completely clear. It was like magic as he put it, and that is why we decided to call it MagicClear.

Our new formula also accomplished the same results on clients that had mild to moderate acne conditions. In one week they were either clear or well on their way to becoming clear. The more severe acne that we encountered showed distinct improvement from 3 weeks to 2 months depending on the severity of their condition.

It is important to take steps to stop the spreading of acne (the sooner the better),  when it is easier to control, in the beginning stages before the condition has spread and becomes more serious. 

Beleive it or not the cause of acne is still not fully understood in this modern world. You can read volumes about acne but it all really comes down to this fact, ACNE IS STILL NOT FULLY UNDERSTOOD, the cause is still a mystery. That is the reason
you are always hearing about new and different ways to control or cure it. 

Theoretically acne is caused by an over production of oil, the irregular shedding of dead skin cells, and the build up of bacteria. A pimple forms when the oil glands in the skin is blocked. Normally the lining of the duct sheds cells that are carried to the surface of the skin by sebum. When the duct is blocked cells and sebum have accumulated forming a plug
. Now all of this makes perfect since doesn't it but the question is Why do some people seem to have such a difficult time with acne, while others don't. This is the question and the question that is still unanswered. There are so many different acne treatments on the market and most of them don't work.

MagicClear Works!  It works because it has been formulated to work and we know it is more effective than any other over the counter, drugstore treatment, T.V. infomercial treatment or any home remedy treatment and you will know it too once you start using it and start seeing your pimples and blackheads just melting away like magic.

Over the counter acne medications treat only the top layer of skin with drying agents. They dry out the skin and do little if anything, to improve your acne condition because they don't treat the source of the problem. The top layer of skin is not where the problem is.

The skin is clear when the pores are clear and the oil from the sebaceous glands can flow freely to the surface without blockage, this allows the skin to heal and by maintaining this clear condition ... your skin can remain clear, NO MORE ACNE, PIMPLES OR BLACKHEADS.

If you have mild to moderate non-inflammatory acne, you can experience dramatic results the very first week, you must follow the directions and use MagicClear everyday as directed. More severe acne conditions are going to take longer to clear and control.

Use MagicClear on your face, neck or back.

  • Before bedtime cleans your face with Foaming Facial Gel Cleanser
  • While face is still moist apply Treatment Crème to pimple(s) or problem area(s).
  • Massage lightly into skin, allow to dry. Leave on overnight.
  • Remove Crème next morning with MagicClear Cleanser. Rinse well.
  • Apply MagicClear Oil-free Moisturizer, avoid blemishes.

A very important factor to remember in any program treating acne, cleanliness is essential. Keep your hair clean, wash it daily, keep it off your face and shoulders.

Wash back, shoulders and chest daily with a soft back brush apply the Foaming Facial Cleanser, then rinse off and apply the MagicClear acne crème to moist back, leave on for ten to fifteen minutes. It works very effectively in these areas.

Be consistent in your routine each day, it's very important. We know our product works, now it is up to you to use it correctly for it to work effectively. Follow the instructions and don't give up if you don't see immediate results. Have faith and stick with your routine each day, every individual is different. Don't skip days and you will start to see positive results.




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